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Subway Helotes food co.

Case Number: COHEC-pnEGeK

Date of Application: 2021-08-18 7:37 pm

In Review

Application Detail

Business Name Subway Helotes food co.
Business Address 12952 Bandera Rd. Helotes , TX 78023 US
Website / URL (if any)
Federal Tax ID # 900527986
Sales Tax ID # 32040184338
Current City of Helotes Certificate of Occupancy? Yes
Please attach the Certificate of Occupancy Download File
Annual Gross Revenues 253123
Number of Employees 7
Number of Locations 1
Name Joseph Danel
Phone +12104171777
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Written Summary of Proposed Work We would like to implement our internet services, making the e-commerce of the area more active for our subway store. At the moment we count with online ordering, but we would like to add more online marketing and social media tools to improve our business. We believe that online and social media it’s key for the success of every business, nowadays we cannot only count with physical marketing. We need the help of the city of Helotes to create a nice and east way to access the subway platform, make orders online, use the Uber eats, door dash, etc. Our goals are to use and complete all online ordering and marketing.
Preferred Service Provider ESD Digital Marketing
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Provider Address
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Estimated Project Costs 5,000
Grant Funds Requested 5,000.
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Initial Jr
Date 08/18/2021

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