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Texas Grounds, LLC

Case Number: COHEC-rRnNJP

Date of Application: 2021-07-27 3:05 pm


Application Detail

Business Name Texas Grounds, LLC
Business Address 14359 Old Bandera Road Helotes, TX 78023 US
Website / URL (if any)
Federal Tax ID # 820808908
Sales Tax ID # 32063165875
Current City of Helotes Certificate of Occupancy? Yes
Please attach the Certificate of Occupancy Download File
Annual Gross Revenues 400,000
Number of Employees 16
Number of Locations 1
Name Jennifer Howard
Phone +12107445676
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Written Summary of Proposed Work Texas Grounds will promote our business through online advertising efforts including social media promotion and digital advertising campaigns. We will build awareness among target audiences utilizing Facebook advertising and influencer outreach through public relations. We will also increase our SEO to amplify our website and promote online sales. To keep customers engaged we will utilize email marketing to induce a purchase or entice customers to come to visit us in Old Town Helotes.
Preferred Service Provider ESD Digital Marketing
Provider Business Name
Provider Contact Person
Provider Email
Provider Address
Is the service provider based in Bexar County?
Please specify reasons of choosing an provider outside of Bexar County.
Estimated Project Costs 5,500
Grant Funds Requested 4,125
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Who will be supplying the baseline statistics? Project Service Provider
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Who will be supplying the monthly performance report? Project Service Provider
Initial JH
Initial JH
Initial JH
Date 07/27/2021

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